The Medium forest pumper for forest fires

The Medium forest pumper for forest fires. Equipped to be efficient, protect the crew and protect itself against fire (self-thermal protection, thermal protection of the sensitive parts, safety roll bar inside the cab, bull bar, breathable air device in the cab)

General specifications

  • RENAULT 4x4
  • MAN 4x4
  • MERCEDES 4x4
  • Diamond-type mounting brackets with counter-balance and silent blocks to protect the chassis against twisting in heavy duty operations
  • Pump on power take-off: maintenance-free Centrifugal pump, automatic priming up to 8 metres
  • (Aluminium or bronze) 1000 lpm @ 15 bar or 1500 lpm @ 15 bar or 2000 lpm @10 bar
  • Pump and roll operation/stabilized low/controlled speed
  • Crew Cab: 4 seats (2+2)
  • 2 compartments built into the tank with closing doors
  • Cab overroll bar and branch protection- bars
  • Wetting agent and/or foam compound compartment
  • Thermal/ fire self-protection with electric pump and dedicated tank
  • Electric /pneumatic harness covering for thermal/ fire protection
  • Area lightning
  • Breathable air in the cab
  • 1 First aid reel/ 1 flat hose 2,5’’ 120m storage reel
  • 🔴 OPTION: Manual or remote-controlled 360° mounted monitor, adjustable flow
Numerous options and adaptations available, to be jointly defined by the users and our engineers.
We offer complete installations thanks to our supplementary activities: